Interior Design

➤ Residences  ➤ Apartments  ➤ Villas   ➤ Offices  ➤ Retail   ➤ Hospitality  ➤ Commercial  ➤ Healthcare

Project Management

➤ Contract Management   ➤ Scheduling   ➤ Quality Control  

Art & Graphic Design

➤ Artworks Design   ➤ Art Installations  ➤ Sculpture installation   ➤ Interior Graphics  

Landscape Design

➤ Residential   ➤ Outdoor  ➤ Indoor  

Our Process:

We have a collaborative process incorporating Professional processes to design and execute an optimal solution matching your requirement.

➤ Initial Consultation with client

➤ Site Visiting.

➤ Space planning or placement of furnishings.

➤ Balancing and creating a color scheme.

➤ Layout designing.

➤ Architectural drawings.

➤ Costing and budgeting.

➤ A Floor Plan to scale showing furniture and floor covering placement.

➤ Wall Elevations to scale showing window coverings, lighting and art placement.

➤ A schematic lighting plan.

➤ A Design Concept Board with images of inspirational rooms, color scheme, furniture, art and accessories.

➤ A complete shopping list of online and local store resources for all design elements.

➤ Furniture and fabric selections.

➤ Paint and Wall Covering selections.

➤ Window Covering Designs, fabrics and hardware selections.

➤ Lighting selections.

➤ Plumbing and Tile selections.

➤ Accessory selections or direction.

➤ Art selections or direction.

➤ Flooring and floor covering selections.

➤ Supply and installation of all necessary home and commercial appliances